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Some of you have asked how things are going with Bear, so I thought I'd share some recent pics–not my best photography work–he moves pretty fast.  LOL!


He was not crazy about getting a bath, lemme tell ya'; we were as wet as he was by the time it was over.  LOL!

He looks so different all wet–not our little puff ball!


This is prolly his favorite toy–a plushy squeaky bone.  He has figured out how to make it squeak and will sit there and squeak it repeatedly and then kinda croons back to it.  It's so funny to watch!


He pounces like a cat.  I don't know if he'll always do that, but we find it highly entertaining . . .


We keep an old towel handy for wiping his paws whenever he comes in from outside and it's wet; I hate wet dog smell and this seems to really help cut down on that.  But, to Bear, an old towel is like a security blanket–he brings all his toys over and plops down on it to play or relax.

House-training is coming along–when we're on top of our game, he is, too. *wink*

His teeth are coming in quickly, so we're working on bite inhibition–he likes to mouth in affection and you can tell he's not biting hard or trying to hurt, but we have read that allowing this can later lead to a dog that does bite.

He has learned "sit", "stay", "come".  And, dang does he ever like cheese. *grin*

And, that's the Bear update for now!


  1. Gosh, he is soo cute!! looks like a big wad of wool.

  2. Awww he’s so cute. I bet he and my dog Buck would get along great, he used to look similar when he was small :) Love that nose!!

  3. It is pretty obvious why a non-dog lover like you ended up with this adorable puppy. Who could possibly resist?

  4. Cute cute pics! The smartest thing we did when housetraining our pooch was to put a bell by the door. (The round teacher-y kind) Every time we took Ruby out we hit her paw on the bell. SHe learned that the ring = outside trip to potty. Overall, this has worked very well. I don’t have to constantly be with her all the time…. Although in APril when the weather is warm, I do get multiple bell rings, she just wants to be outside. Just 1 accident in 2 years – not too bad!! Good luck….

  5. Oh man these pictures brought back so many “memories” of our beloved Rebel.
    Bear is just as adorable as can be.
    Rebel hated bath time too and if we let him in after a bath he run around the room scooting his face into the carpet (sometimes until it was raw).
    By the way they do “pounch” like cats and watch for digging if you leave him outside as American Eskimo’s love to dig.

  6. Thanks for the update! He is a cutie pie!

  7. soooooooooo cute!!!!!

  8. oooh! What a cutie!!

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