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Yesterday, I got heaven from my hubbs:  He folded ALL the clean laundry, put away all the holiday decor AND took down the outside lights so I could play in my studio to my heart's content all day long.  Oh, I was such a happy girl.  I luxuriated in it . . .

Enjoyed every second in my happy place.   I LOVE EVERYTHING I MADE!!!  What a high!

Here's one I'm sharing today:

Inspired by:  Every heart beat belongs to you-Amy Grant

I like Amy Grant.  Make fun all ya' want; I've never denied being a nerd. *wink*

Happy Monday!


No stamps used
Slice Design Card:  Just Chillin'
Hand-lettered: "belongs to you"
Note card and blue band paper by A Muse
Corner Rounder by WR Memory Keepers
Heart Squeeze Punch by Fiskars
Glitter by Martha Stewart

  1. Love your card! I once took my kids to an Amy Grant concert and had a blast–literally. It was L-O-U-D!! but fun!

  2. @Lucy: It was hand-drawn–I just used the band of blue on the paper to guide me and eyeballed the spacing! HTH! And thank you for stopping by! :) –Julie

  3. Julie…..how did you do the ekg line?? Hand-drawn? I love it. I am a heart disease survivor and am always looking for stuff like that to include in cards I make for other.

    Love the entire card, by the way. I just found your blog, through Krystie (hope I got the spelling right) and am enjoying browsing. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!!!

  4. This card is so cute!!! I LOVE it! Stamp on!

  5. EEEEEEEEE! Genius!!

    Does listening to Amy Grant make one a nerd. I had no idea.

  6. Sigh, I adore this card!!!

  7. ♫stop for a minute…baby I’m so glad you’re mine♫ hee hee hee LOVE LOVE LOVE the card!!!

  8. Though few and far in between, those heavenly days are priceless. :-) Glad you enjoyed it! You’ve included 2 of my favorite things on this card: MS glitter & the Fiskars Heart Punch. I *heart* everything about this, right down to your personal writing… it’s just the perfect touch.

  9. Cute card!! Amy Grant has been my favorite for years:)

    Tammy M

  10. Ohmywerd. Oh. My. Word! I looove this, Mz Julie! Oh yes, I doooo!

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