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Carole-ish left a comment that just made me wanna wrap her up in a *mondo* squishy hug. It has compelled me to mention how delightful and funny it is to me how a handful of stampers can see the same thing, in this case the most darling of mugs, and un-beknownst (is that a word?) to each other or anyone else, come up with similar yet still distinctly different designs. As the world becomes smaller and smaller due to the internet, we have such a great opportunity to share these connections that we otherwise would have made alone, and felt alone, in the joy of.

I love that.  It makes me giggle–we obviously share great taste!

But, I'm also seriously worried now.

Starbucks nationwide will sell out of this darn mug before I can get one for myself.  Cuz apparently I'm the one and only that didn't buy it when she first beheld it!!! ACK!



  1. What a gorgeous card!

  2. Absolutely love this card – great work!

  3. This card rocks my socks! WOW!

  4. Just saw this mug at my local Starbucks and it is adorable and your card is perfect!!!

  5. I absolutely adore this card – it was a THUD, for sure. Thank you for the inspiration!
    DD2 was making valentines yesterday, and had made one with little heart stickers – I told her about your card, and showed her how to outline the hearts – she was thrilled with how it added to her creation.
    She was so inspired, she even bartered with her sporty sister to make her valentines!

  6. Naw, you aren’t the only one!! :) Since I spied your card a few days ago, I have been on the hunt for the mug for my BFF for her BDay. 2 down, more to go!! :)


  7. LOVED that mug… I’m going to Sbux today, if I see one I’ll grab one for ya.

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