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Someone requested a Bear update, so I thought I'd share some photos I took a few weeks ago.

Bear adores Taylor and Dave–he gets so excited when they come home from school/work.  We've been working on getting him to sit, rather than jump all over them like a maniac.

He loves to go for walks now and now I have to train him not to pull on the leash or he will literally drag me down the street.  I think he's nearly doubled in size since we got him and he is STRONG!!!

Altho he didn't shed when we originally brought him home, he does now.  We brush him at least once a day, and try to 2x to help reduce the killaaaah white dust bunnies that would otherwise roll through the house like tumbleweeds.

Dave and Taylor suffer from seasonal allergies, so right now it's hard to tell if they are allergic to Bear or if it's just the regular hayfever kinda thing going on that they have to deal with every Spring . . . I really hope it's not the dog . . . and I've stocked up on Zyrtec, of course . . .

Does he chew on anything and everything? Yup!  Do we have a lotta bully sticks?  Yup!  What cracks me, is when he sticks it out the side of his mouth–looks like he's smoking a cigar!  LOL!

Bear can follow the following commands now:  Sit, Stay, Come, Lay Down, Roll Over, and Gimme 5! (shake).  A number of folks have told us that's pretty good for a dog his age–he's almost 5 months old now.  I try to work with him on these things a few times every day.  And, the potty training is pretty much a done deal now–YAY! *grin*

Took him on his first overnight road trip.  We had a bit of a rocky night in the pet-friendly hotel we stayed at.  He normally sleeps thru the night, but decided at 2 am that he needed to do some business.  And, it didn't help that some other guests at the hotel were noisy when they went down the hall; he barked when he heard them, of course. He quieted down quickly, but, I was a nervous wreck expecting we'd get thrown out.

We're still adjusting and learning about life with a puppy, but he brings a lot of joy and we are having quite a bit of fun.

Thanks for asking about him, and the next time I can get him to sit still long enough to get some decent shots where he isn't a blur of fur, I'll share 'em! *chuckle*


  1. He is just SO adorable! Thanks for the update, keep ‘em coming!! :)

  2. Hey, Christina! He’s a standard Eskie. Almost 5 mos. now. :) We are enjoying and love him greatly, even when he gets himself into a li’l trouble! *chuckle*

  3. Is he a toy American Eskimo? My mom bred and showed toy American Eskimos, so I grew up with them around me all my life. They are WONDERFUL dogs. Bear looks like a beauty. I’m sure he’ll make a very happy addition to your family.

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