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My hubbs asked if I ever make a card without a greeting on the front . . . and I realized that it's very rare that I do.  But, sometimes, a design develops and there's really no place to put one without throwing the whole thing outta' whack, UKWIM?

And, sometimes the design really is more effective if the wording remains only on the inside.  Alas, I have nothing brilliant inside this one.  At the moment.  LOL!  This one's just pretty eye candy on the outside, blank on the inside. 

But, that's OK; one of the things that drives me crazy about store-bought cards is poetic sap.  You find a visually beautiful card, and then it's aruined by "drivel".  I can't buy it.  Can.not.buy.it.  Because I don't talk like that (obviously). *insert rolling eyeballs*

Moving right along, cuz it's Friday and you know what that means:  tomorrow is Saturday.  Bestest day of the week by golly! *grin*

This design is an example of what I like to call "collage light".  Like Bud Light.  Only not beer.

Went so far as to create a "button nook"–you know, punching an ellipse with a circle punch to snuggle a button into. Layered the pretty patterned papers I'd made, popping up the focal panel. 

Instead of the usual gutter crease, however, I decided to do a more "book-binding" treatment by scoring an additional line on the front panel and gluing that section of the card to itself–nothing crazy, cuz I'm too lazy. *snarf* 

Trusted my gut that chocolate twine/hemp would suit this particular design best.  Good move! (deep chortling, arms wrapped 'round self, considerable amount of bouncing)

I debated . . . you know, trying to figure out a way to fit a greeting on there.  And, actually, I think I could  . . .  but, it just looked so nice without one. (holds it out, arms length and ponders).  Nope.  I don't think it "needs" one.  Yeah.  I love this just the way it is. *mondo grin*

Happy, happy Friday!


Stamp Credits:  Open Chrysanthemum, Leaf Frond, Leaf Trio (all illustrated by moi for A Muse)
French Roast Note card by A Muse
Fluid Chalk Ink in Pink Pastel, Olive Pastel
Versamark Ink
White Detail Embossing Powder
Button by SU!
Chocolate Twine, craft supply

  1. Love the card and you are SO right about the comments and “drivel” on store-bought cards. That’s actually what made me want to make my own cards to begin with!

  2. Julie, Julie, Julie…….I’ve learned NOT to be sipping on a beverage while reading your posts……go figure!!!

    p.s.: great card too!!

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