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The last time I saw my friend and colleague Heather, she took some shots of Bear.  I think we had to bribe him with treats to get him to sit still long enough, cuz most of the time, he's a blur of fur.  LOL!

When she sent me these shots, I got all verklempt . . . that's *my* Bear Dog.  (heart palpitations)

His nose is blackening more and more all the time, as the vet told me it would; eventually all the pink will be gone.  He's about 20 lbs. now, and reminds me of an arctic fox.

He's a lively pup, but I was sick the other day, and he was so gentle and tender with me–like he *knew* I was not feeling well.  Folks have told me animals *know* and shared some stories of their pets that gave me the warm fuzzies.  Literally.

The vet told me that Eskies are good guard dogs and that when he is fully grown, he will protect me if I'm in danger.  I believe him.  The other day a pair of deer antlers Dave found and keeps on a post in the backyard got blown down by the wind.  Bear did his thing–danced all around them, barking ferociously.  When they didn't move, he would spring at them, then away quickly.  You know.  Just in case.  Finally, he licked them.  Nope.  No movement.  Nada.  So, he plopped himself down and proceeded to gnaw on them.  LOL!

He howled the other day.  I'd never heard him do that before.  There are coyotes about, so I'm always watchful when I let him outside to frolic on his own.  At first, I thought it was the coyotes–they always howl.  But, as I ran past the window, in a panic to save my dog from the coyotes, I stopped short.  It was Bear!  For an instant, he looked like a miniature white wolf, howling up at the moon (OK, it was full daylight, but you know what I mean.)  When I stepped out onto the porch he immediately stopped and looked at me as if this were something he does all the time.  Totally normal.

Why do dogs howl, anyway?  I am curious.

Thanks for asking about him.  I know I'm biased, but I think he's a beautiful pup. *mondo grin*


  1. What a cutie-pie, Julie!

  2. ‘The Bear’ is looking as sweet as ever, Julie!! Gorgeous pics of him! Melts my heart ♥ for sure!!

  3. Julie,
    I love your blog – visit often and comment “sometimes” – I couldn’t resist telling you how beautiful Bear is – and that I once had a Samoyed named Lizzie – she was my very best friend ever. I still miss her.

    Lizzie would howl, too, although I don’t think I ever heard her bark. What got her going was the once-a-month siren test at the nearby fire station. It would be the first Saturday of the month at HIGH-NOON and Lizzie would start first (before we could hear the siren) and end after the siren was over (to our human ears). She seemed to like it.


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