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Some of you may recall my latest felt obsession and recent purchase. (scroll down that post) *grin*  As you can see this felt comes in an incredible range of colors! I'll talk more about my findings in a minute. Felt has been prevalent in scrapbooking, and is gaining popularity in card-making, as well.  Normally, I bide my time when it comes to trends–when everybody's hot for something particular, I have a tendency to go off in some other direction and come back to it when everybody has moved on to sumpin' else.   I hafta laff cuz I'll also stick with things that go out and eventually they come back in.  Dang, I'm old, eh?!  But, I do find some things I just like and use forever and never tire of . . . like decorative scissors (pinking and scallop).  I have a feeling felt may become one of those.  *chuckle*

A few weekends ago I die cut a bunch of it, but, I am by no means through all of it or even a majority of it.  I'm a bit peeved at myself that I forgot to order WHITE and Natural White.  Hello?!  But, it means I will also have to go shopping again.  LOL!  Which isn't necessarily bad because then I can pick up a few more sheets of the colors I found I especially liked a lot.

I'm still on the hunt for more flower dies–I want more variety of style and sizes than what I currently have.  But, what I do have was enough to get me started–YAY!



Above is my first attempt at a brooch.  I'm still not happy with the way I am sewing the petals to get that full poofed look.  But, when I get stuck on something like this, I tend to keep trying until I get exactly what I want.  This is not always a good trait, given my linear sequential personality . . . LOL!

In addition to what I already listed in the first blog post on felt, here are a few more things I've learned based on my recent personal experiences:

  • Wool Blend Felt die cuts BEAUTIFULLY!!!
  • Sizzix BIGZ (and Big Shot Thick Cut dies), Originals, Sizzlits* (wafer style), Nestability, and Cuttlebug* dies (wafer style) dies all work and slice cleanly through this felt.  *I did not test super "intricate" wafer dies; I only had simple floral and geometric shapes at my disposal. Depending on how shallow the blades are on the die, you might occasionally need a card stock shim to get a complete cut, but I had no problems with mine.  I use a Big Shot manual die cutting machine.
  • I did not try punching; I doubted I'd get good results that way, so I didn't wanna waste the time or the felt trying, but you can always try this yourself, of course.  Good luck with that . . . I'm just sayin' . . . *chuckle*
  • I did not try using my electronic die cutting machine (Slice); I just don't think I'll get good results and, again, I didn't wanna waste the felt or the time messing with that.  But, there are other electronic die cutting machines that might be able to handle cutting through felt if it is backed to something for stability, i.e. the BossKut Gazelle and possibly the Cricut (which has a deep cut blade for things such as lightweight chipboard, or so I have heard.  I don't own a Cricut so I haven't taken the time to learn more than very basic info about it).
  • Good quality wool blend felt consists of wool and rayon (rayon is actually made from wood fibers), at a ratio of 20/80 to 35/65, depending on the color.
  • I purchased 12×18" sheets.  I find I really like this size because I can cut it down for running though my die cutting machine, but, the sheets are large enough for other projects I might graduate to, i.e. making a purse or a decorative pillow.  I dunno if I'll go that far (it would mean breaking out the sewing machine, eegadzzz!), but I like having the option.  Ever the options girl, I am . . . *chuckle*
  • I die cut all the bigger flowers/shapes I wanted first, then used the scraps with my smaller dies, to maximize as much of the felt as I could and have as little waste as possible.  The little flowers will be great for my cards and other paper crafted projects.  *happy dance*

Where to shop?  Well, I'm somewhat hesitant at this point to recommend any place in particular as I've only ordered ONCE online for the first time.  I advise doing a google for "wool blend felt" and doing your homework as far as price, fiber content, and vendor reputation.  My first and only felt ordering experience at one place went very well, but two friends also shopped there as well just shortly after I mentioned I had placed an order, and, unfortunately, both had some problems with their orders, which I hope the company will resolve graciously and expediently.


  1. I LOVE this! The flowers are fabulous! These would make cute headbands also. Don’t you think?


  2. I too, just fell in love with all the felt things I was seeing in the paper crafting world! I got my order in this week, and it’s beautiful! I spent forty bucks on some sheets of 100% wool, but am glad to know that the wool/rayon blend cuts well too! I knew the all wool would, so wasn’t going to take a chance. But since the blend is cheaper, I’ll try that next time. I love what you cut out, and can’t wait to see more creations! I still haven’t cut into mine, but just got my Paper Trey scallop dies, so can’t wait to see how those turn out! TOO FUN!
    Keep inspiring us…I just love felt embellies, and can’t wait to see what all you make! :D

  3. Thanks for all the tips! I too recently bought a lot of felt – yes beccause it seems to be the trend :) So this info was very helpful for me!

    Would you mind listing some examples of the dies that you used (I mean the names) to cut the above flowers? They look beautiful!

  4. These flowers are so pretty! Time to bring out the felt!

  5. Gorgeous! Love your little felt creation, so pretty!

  6. Oh no! Now I MUST buy some felt. Have stayed away for awhile but now HRR has gotten it and shown it to us in a beautiful array…..my resistance is futile. :)

  7. Ohhh, look at all the pretty colors…..love all the flowers you cut….I think Tim Holtz just came out with a bigz flower die for the sizzix……and a bunch of other ones…..I am impressed that the sizzlets cut the felt!! guess I am going to be looking for some felt and trying it out!!!

  8. Wowza! That is some awesomeness!! Now all I need is a die cutting machine and some felt!

  9. OH, I love your brooch! You petals have the perfect amount of fullness! :-)
    My biggest problem with trendy supplies is that I wait and wait until I can’t stand it any longer and then I go ahead and order ALL of something.Especially if I see it one one of my favourite designers blogs.You just watch.In about 3 months I will have every colour of felt imaginable! LOL!

    :-D Barbara

  10. ohhh my julie. you are making me crave felt. we (at the paperie) have been trying to get some decent felt through our various suppliers, but none of them seem to have caught onto the trend yet. soon i hope, soon… we have lots of AccuCut flower dies just waiting for it :)

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