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These were the projects I showcased in my classes at the Precious Memories Scrapbook Spectacular this past weekend.



Thanks to everyone who joined me in class–I had a total BLAST with ya'all! 


  1. I will do my best to honor your request, chiquita! *hugs*  :)

  2. Oh Ms. Julie – please let’s do a circle card in Sacramento…..a circle is my most favoritest shape!!

  3. When you post multiple cards on one post, I feel like a kid who ate the whole bag–the giant bag–of M&Ms and now has to run around in a frenzy of sugar-induced hyperness. EGADS! I wish I had been there!

  4. Love them all! Gotta make me one of those circle cards…that is just fantastic!

  5. Love them all! I so wish I could take one of your classes!

  6. These are fab and wish I hadn’t been teaching at the same time so that I could have taken your class too!! It was great to see you again!

  7. Stinkin’ adorable…all of them! I just love the three scattered pearls/twinkles that you do so often!

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