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*click the pic for an enlarged view*

Isn't this a great way to add a punch of color to a plain white card?!  It also satisfies my hording tendencies–only small strips were used but they make awesome impact used this way. *gleeful grin*

The apple is covered with a clear dome sticker, too, for added dimension, but by golly you can't really tell that in the pic.  I should have taken another shot of this at an angle, but I wanted to make sure it made the post by the submission deadline. 

Say what?

Another rejection?  Yup!  And, I stand corrected; all 8 of my submissions didn't make the cut.  Now, before you think I'm havin' a week-long pity party, lemme 'splain WHY I'm sharing some of my rejects.

For the most part, the submissions acceptance game is about editorial "fit".  Only so many projects will fit in an issue.  And, among the hundreds that cross an editorial staff's desk on a daily basis, which ones stand out as best fitting the issue's editorial focus?

You can increase your chances by studying a magazine's style very carefully, and submitting in kind (sometimes at compromise to your own personal style.  I'm not gonna lie; sometimes some of my least favorite submissions made the cut, while ones I loved and felt were better designed did not), following submission guidelines and call details closely.

You can submit en masse, in hopes that by volume, one of the batch makes the cut.  Submitting in and of itself is kind of a time-consuming process, however, so that "strategy" might better suit those who do have a lot of time on their hands to devote to designing and doing the write-ups.

Sometimes a project will get selected solely on the basis of personal taste–they simply LIKED it so much, they had to publish it.  And, if you were psychic, well, you'd have that one in the bag, wouldn't ya'?! *chuckle*

The reality is:  the rejection rate is extremely high, and if you have a hard time with rejection, it can be a somewhat "brutal" game. I have a pretty thick skin, so I'm not bothered by it.

In the early days, I kept track of every call, and deadline, and tried to submit as many pieces as I could, and rolled my rejects over from one pub to the next.  But, after doing that for a while, I wasn't having any fun any more . . . And, being one of those, "Well, if it's not fun, what's the point?" kinda peeps, I switched to submitting when I have some spare time or happen to have a project that I haven't shared online that meets a given call.  This keeps it fun and stress free for me.

It'd been well over a year, golly prolly going on 2, methinks, since I last submitted anything; family, work, LIFE keep things plenty busy around the palace, LOL!  I had a little pocket of time, realized it'd been a long time since I'd submitted, and had great fun designing projects for some recent calls.  I loved them all.  But, not a one of 'em made it.

And, that's OK.  'Cuz I'm the Editor in Chief right here  Heh, heh, heh! *wink*

Stamps:  Solid Apple, "Thanks" by A Muse Artstamps: White 4 bar note card by A Muse; Black Twinkle Stickers by A Muse; Clear Dome Sticker by A Muse; Warm Grey No. 2 Copic Marker (shadowing the letters) available at A Muse; Patterned Paper from "Farm Fresh" Collection by October Afternoon; 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" Circle Punches by EK Success; Corner Chomper (Rounder) by WR Memory Keepers; Mulberry Paper Flowers all by Prima; Memento Black Ink; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks in Warm Red, Lime Pastel; Colored Pencils

  1. Great post – love the ‘I’m Editor in Chief right here’ – that rocks. :-) And, your card is fantastic!

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