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I don't think I've shared this one yet–one of the store samples I designed. If I have already, my apologies for the repeat.  I'm beginning to lose hope that I'll have any serious creative time in the studio until mebbe August.  No lie! 

Anyway,  I just love an OLC (one layer card) because it's all about working with just the basics and making them shine.  I do try to push myself to go beyond these, altho I must admit they are always my favorite to make.

The Leaf Frond II was stamped with dye ink first, and pouncing the paper surface afterwards with an anti-static pouch to make sure there was no residual moisture or stray oil from my finger tips on the surface that might attract embossing powder in unwanted areas.  Then the Queen Anne's Lace was stamped with Versamark and white embossed.  A simple sentiment, a little bit of ivory twine, and some corner rounding  was all it took to finish it off.

The Latté paper makes a fabulous foundation for this kind of "natural" look and is a lovely lighter alternative to using kraft paper.

Hope your day is beautimous indeed!  Hmmm, I know–not a word. But, it should be. The definition would be something like, "adj. 1.  a combination of beautiful and ginormous, as in 'ginormously beautiful' 2. beautiful magnified to the Nth degree."  Yeah.  It otta' be a word, doncha' think?

All stamp images, and paper by A Muse Artstamps; Ivory Twine by May Arts; Corner Chomper (Rounder) by WR Memory Keepers

  1. Absolutely stunning Julie! I love your incredible style!

  2. Oh Julie, Thanks for replying so quickly. I appreciate your help! Love your cards. You inspire me and I get a kick out of the way you talk, or rather write. Take Care!

  3. Hi, D Perry! :) The anti-static pouch is something you can find at a stamp store or a craft store like Michael’s. It’s a muslin pouch filled with a time of powdery substance, kinda like talc. They’re not expensive, and last for years. I think mine is about 8 years old now and cost all of about $3. ;)

    If you don’t have a stamp or craft store near you, you can make your own by taking a baby sock with a relatively tight knit, akin to something like muslin (or, if you’re crafty, you could certainly sew your own pouch from muslin fabric), and filling it with cornstarch. Some folks use talcum powder or baby powder. Use whichever you like.

    Knot the end of the sock and use that as your anti-static pouch. It’s home-made, but, it works if you can’t find a commercial one. :)

    Hope that helps!

  4. I’m still learning about all the accessories for stamping. Sometimes after reading instructions for cards, I’m left thinking, “what?”, ’cause I don’t know everything yet. The anti-static pouch, is that something I need to buy or is it something left over from the packing materials when you buy a piece of electronic equipment? Sorry for the ignorance…..

  5. This is so pretty! I love making one layer cards. I like to accent them with just a bit of twine too!

  6. Absolute perfection, Julie! So clean and simple and lovely beyond all reason!

    And yes, beautimous should be a word. If you use it enough, it will be!

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