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(all stamp images, note card and rhinestone stickers by A Muse Artstamps)

The beauty of having a variety of stamps at your disposal is that you can make a custom card for someone special faster than you might actually find "just the right one" at the card store.  Before I started stamping, I remember spending over an hour trying to find just the right card and sometimes coming up empty handed.  LOL!

This one took me a tad over 5 minutes because I did an envy to match.  And, I knew Hayley would love it because this shower card features some of the stamps we used on her wedding invitations, and was done in her wedding colors.  She picked up on that immediately.  I had to laugh–I don't normally stamp the envelopes because people rend to rip thru envies and toss 'em immediately, so I'd rather invest the time in the card that might get kept a day or two, than the envy, UKWIM?  Anyway, she was so cute, apologizing for having to tear the envy to open it.

I may have been minimalist in layers, but, I was generous in color and bling! *chuckle*  Because it was an OLC, I decided to kick it up a notch by using that Rock & Roll technique for added depth and richness–I was super happy with the results.

I totally forgot to take a picture of all the food at the shower–I know what's up with that?  I always take pics of the food!!!  But, I was a little flustered because I was hosting; I don't host many parties or events, and I get kinda frantic over making sure everybody's got something to eat, and I totally forget about pictures.

Sidebar:  Sometimes, especially on those rare occasions that I do entertain, I get quite nervous–it's not my fort√©.  My dishware isn't formal, and many of my serving pieces don't actually match.  I guess my style of entertaining at home would be considered . . . "flea-market finds".  Martha would probably not approve. *sigh*

So, I took this shot the day after.  I came up with the idea to use these little kraft penny candy sacks I've had forever to gussy up the Ghiradelli chocolate favors.  I made the prototype, and Hayley took it from there, stamping an elegant damask image in tangerine ink and then closing the bags with a "no-tie" bow with some pretty celery green ribbon.  Believe it or not, we found the bamboo paper plates at our little local grocery store and I snapped them up in desperation because we hadn't been able to find plates we liked for the embossed cyan napkins Hayley spied at a local boutique.  We used to have a party store over in Oak Harbor, but they closed, and while many of the little boutiques carry pretty napkins for entertaining, none seem to carry plates!  By the time I realized I should have made a run to Dollar Tree to see if they had ANYTHING we could use, I was out of time.  

The flowers were also a local grocery store snag, and I added a few roses from our raggedy rose bush outside the kitchen–I say raggedy because the deer have eaten all the leaves and blossoms as far up as they can reach so all that's left to me is what the darn deer can't get to.  LOL!

The last time I was up in Canada teaching, I fell in love with these little Italian San Pellegrino mineral water bottles that were served with our box lunches, so Raya, the owner of I'm Impressed, gathered up all the empty ones so I could use them as little vases at the shower!  They looked so sweet with a few single stems of flowers in each!  Thank you so much, Raya! *hug* 

So, what did we serve?  Well, Hayley's Maid of Honor, Kayla, handled all the sweets, and I handled all the savory dishes.  She made:  a summer trifle, hand-made chocolate truffles, a heart-shaped chocolate cake that her husband iced (Meff, you're da' bomb, big guy!), and Russian Tea Cakes.  Yes, Kayla LOVES to bake!  For which I am abundantly grateful! *wink*  I served lumpia, a summer broccoli salad, ham and pickled asparagus cream cheese rolls, along with Swiss cheese fondue with fruit and bread cubes.  We kept the beverages simple by serving Italian sparkling berry lemonade and limeade that came in these fun bottles we found at Safeway.

We're at 3 weeks count-down to the wedding, and I am frantically tending to all the LITTLE details that are now popping up.  Will it all get done?  Somehow, some way, I suppose it will.  And, if not, it will probably not be noticed by anyone but me.

I plan to collapse in August . . .


  1. Sounds like everyone had fun, including you. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who forgets to take pictures during the party!

  2. Hey, Belinda! I didn’t actually throw it–her Maid of Honor did, and we had it at my house. :) But, thank you for the bit about etiquette–I honestly did not know it was a faux pas for family members to host a shower for the bride! Good to know!

  3. Martha Stewart wouldn’t mind your mismatched dishes but she would have an issue with you throwing a shower for your daughter. Etiquette dictates that family members do not host showers.

  4. This is the most beautiful card I had ever watched. Your daughter must be very lucky to have loving and creative mom like you. It’s very tough to get time for this creative work in this busy life. I love your card and surely gonna try to make it for my mom.

  5. I’m sure it was a wonderful event because of the people and the love and the joy.. Your card for Hayley is absolutely GORGEOUS. The colors are so rich. Love it!

  6. What a beautiful card – the colours are so perfect, and so happy … your card made me smile. Thank you!

  7. This is beautiful Julie! I’ve been thinking about you a lot as I’ve been making a ton of 5Mq’s for my girls lately. Not much time for blogging or blog reading though. It sounds like you are super busy too!

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