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(all stamp images and papers by A Muse Artstamps)

COW   really stands for COTW or Card Of The Week (in case you're unfamiliar with the term).  This card was recently featured in the A Muse e-Newsletter. Isn't this hilarious?! We laughed so hard, when Heidi suggested this sentiment for the dragon–it's POIFECT!!!

I wish I had more time to design things to blog about, but I'm swamped right now. For some reason it always happens that everything major falls due at about the same time, and if sumpin's got to give, studio play time and the blog assume the sacrificial position.  LOL!

When things calm down for me and I have more breathing space, I would love to do a post that highlights my daughter's upcoming wedding! Hayley, her bridesmaids and I made all the invitations, thanks to my dear friend Linda, owner of A Muse, who showed us a *brilliant* pocket design she had developed!  With A Muse's gorgeous Shimmer Couture Paper, and the Marigold stamps we recently released, they turned out lovely! If you live in Seattle, and are a DIY kinda bride, the A Muse shop is a must–they have everything you need to make a beautiful impression with your invites.

I also stamped the bridal shower invitations, and I'm creating all the centerpieces for the tables at the reception, dressing up all the wedding favors, and will be stamping all the thank-you notes, too!

OH MYLAAANTA, THO!!! When people say it takes a year to plan a wedding, they are not kidding, and now I understand precisely why you could earn a living as a Wedding Coordinator. LOL!

Anyway, the weekend immediately after the wedding, I am scheduled to teach a series of classes for A Muse-a-Palooza 2010 at the ever-awesome Paper Garden Boutique in Sacramento, CA. 

So, I trust ya'all will understand if it gets kinda quiet here for the next couple weeks! *wink*

Hugs all around and hope you are enjoying a relaxing summer!

  1. Can you post pictures (after the event of course) of all the things you created for the wedding?

  2. Can’t wait for some photos of your daughter’s special day. I’m sure everything will be beautiful and it will be a day to remember always.

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