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via Julie Ebersole

"Think simple. Think A Muse." That's always been our mission–making it easy to create delightful cards with those clever little touches that enchant the recipient!

I could make stacks of these kinds of cards all day and never tire of them–"Make It Fast & Fabulous" features a number of my most frequently used A Muse stamps, easy techniques and darling finishing touches–I hope you can join me!  GOOD TIMES!!!

  1. Hi, Debbie! I’m sorry class filled up before you could get in. :( I’m sorry I won’t get to see you. I’m not currently scheduled elsewhere at this time, but if something on the fly pops up, I’ll announce it on my classes blog (there’s a link on the menu bar under my banner). *hugs*

  2. Hi Julie! Class is FULL! :( Any chance you’ll be doing another one sometime soon? Or at Amuse? :)

  3. Your a rockstar!

  4. You’ll have a blast at Julie’s classes! The BEST!!!!

  5. We are so excited you are coming!!!

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