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Story problem of the day:

If you're sliding down the ocean on a jet ski and the wheel falls off, will it still take the same amount of pancakes to cover a dog house if your arm is 10 ft. long?

  1. Are BOTH arms 10 feet long?!?

    You are such a HOOT! Weeeeeeeee!

  2. You guys are BRILLIANT!!! Brilliant, I tell ya’!

  3. It really depends on the breed of dog.

  4. The only wheel a jetski is a steering wheel and it’s not a wheel at all, it is handle bars. The number of pancakes is irrelevant because the sizes of each cake varies, but the amount of pancake batter needed to cover a dog house would be the same regardless of individual pancake size. If your arm is ten feet long you would probably be doing something other than covering a dog house with pancakes, you’d be swimming the ocean or swinging in trees. So the answer is definately no. LOL

  5. got out the solar powerd calculator, checked the phase of the moon for the tidal directions, also estimated two sizes of dog houses (small and large) AND THEN decided the pancakes would feel better in my tummy than on a dang dog house for the flies to do their takeoff and landing practice. smiles and hugs…..

  6. What a tribute to all of our teachers that everyone got the answer right! :)

  7. I’m sorry but most definitely it will not….you would think it would, but I have tried it and it doesn’t come out right….

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