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I'm often late to the party . . . bide my time . . . ponder . . . and sometimes, I never arrive at all. *quietly chuckling*

I know that not every "thing" is for everybody. Couple that with being a stubborn wretch; if everybody's stampeding "that way", you'll often find me heading in the opposite direction.

But not in this case.  I have resisted Washi Tape involuntarily.  It's fun stuff.  Cool.  Pretty.  But, how to choose among the banquet of delicious yummy-ness that is Washi Tape? It's one of those I-must-have-it-all kinda paper crafty goodness.  Not just a handful of colors or patterns.  I want ALL of it.  Yikes! 

When I was teaching down in Sacramento, I squealed to find some at Stephanie's Paper Garden Boutique.  Trembling fingers, I reached out to grasp one package.  Into my shopping basket it went.  I tried to distract myself with some Brilliance Dew Drops I didn't yet possess, eyes darting furtively back to the display of Washi pretties . . . I was mesmerized . . . the magnetic pull proved to be too strong, in a "resistance is futile" kinda way . . . I meandered back, fighting the urge to knock anyone in my path outta' the way . . .

Two more packages jumped into my basket.

The end.

Note:  This was very fun to make–I haven't done anything collage-like in a long, loooooong time; I'm rusty! But man did I ever have a ball.  There was a lotta' bouncin' goin' on, I tell ya'!  *wink*

Credits:  Stamp image by Impress Rubber Stamps; Copic Markers, Patterned Papers (mix of different collections) by Basic Grey; Brilliance Graphite Black Ink; Washi Tape

  1. Ooooooh this is SO cute!
    You’ve inspired me,
    thank you! :o)

  2. I love the collage look and that you’re using your washi tapes! I’ll keep checking back for more!

  3. What a fabulous card!! LOVE all the bright cheery colors and elements – I can’t wait to get some Washi tape too – I have some of the Tim HOltz tissue tape and I am assuming that it is similar but it isn’t colorful.

  4. too funny! very fun card! I have also resisted…but if you keep showing us these pretties I’ll be caving too!! I’ll have to go looking though….I’ve not seen these around my parts IRL yet….heaven help me!!!! ;)

  5. LOVE these artsy flowers!

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