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I've been so busy . . . I hadn't made a card for our 26th wedding anniversary, which was this week.  I had 5 minutes to bust one out before he whisked me away to dinner at one of our favorite local places Wednesday evening.

I have to admit that on most of the cards I make for him, I have a tendency to use my own hand-writing, even if I have a stamp that says what I want to say.  I'm not really sure why I do that . . .

Used some of my favorite punches and some scraps of patterned papers.  Funny, but I usually agonize for a long time over cards I make for him.  I didn't have time to agonize this go-around! *chuckle*

I felt quite brilliant over the results! *arms wrapped 'round self*  Mebbe I'll do the same thing next year–wait until the last possible minute.  *more chuckling*

Well, it's a cuttin' and kittin' frenzy here at the Palace as I prep for my classes this weekend–gonna be fun!  And, to top it off, I get to spend some time with my girl, Ellen, too!  Yippeeee!!!

Hope your weekend is fabby, too! LIVE SIGGY



Supplies:  Patterned papers from the Limey Rickey Collection by Basic Grey; Anchor Punch by Martha Stewart; Heart punches both by Fiskars.

  1. Nice and romantic expression! I liked it!

  2. You have NOT been married for 26 years- you do not look old enough!!!

    Happy Anniversary. The card is great!

  3. Wow, five minutes!! thats gorgeous:-) I cant get anything done in less than half an hour!!

  4. Terrific card! With handwriting that pretty, you don’t need to stamp your sentiments!

  5. OK, you used a saw? That trumps me and my paper punch! LOL! I’ll bet your Mr. absolutely loved it!

  6. This is wonderful Julie!!!!! I love the design and the sentiment! Belated Happy Anniversary!!!

  7. Julie,
    I LOVE it! For my 27th last year, I made a plywood anchor, cut with zig saw for DH’s living room/pacific ocean theme. Painted black with some rope tied around it and to hang, painted on the back, You are my anchor. And yes, they are after that many years. Even tho it’s handmade, it’s more personal when you write your sentiment and with your beautiful writing…it’s a given. I’m heavy handed, so sentiment stamps and Me just don’t get a long very well sometimes. I have to stamp many to get a few decent ones. LOL Can’t tell you how many times I make a multi-layered card, then do the sentiment that icks the whole thing up. I used to save all of these boo boos, now I just charge on and stamp on another piece of paper and punch it out or cut it and adhere it on TOP! LOL ;)) It works and no boo boo stash.

  8. Great design, love the sentiment :o)

  9. I love your work, Julie! Both my mom and I are fans :)

  10. This is a fabulous card and there’s something to be said for ‘working under pressure!’ I have an anniversary card to make for a friend and I’ve left it to the last minute because I know then it will be really nice!

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