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What is the *coolest* AND most useful
hand-made gift anybody ever made for you?

I asked this question on Twitter yesterday, but should have asked it here, cuz I know many of you don't Twitter or Facebook, so you may have missed it.  Anyhoo, I'm asking here today, cuz I think mebbe I'm not the only one who really wants to know.

Here were a few replies I got on Twitter & Facebook:

  • Katie: My friend Breanna made me (what I call) a Trash Tote for my car. It's cloth on the outside and oilcloth on the inside so I can wipe it out. I use it every day and love it!
  • Holly: My aunts are quilters. I get custom quilts all the time and they are not only gorgeous, but very usable. I only wish I had the talent for that craft.
  • Jill: . . . my aunt made me a garter and wrist "bag" for my wedding out of my grandmothers wedding dress ( she plans in making them for all the granddaughters)
  • Joanne: A great friend made me an awesome Christmas tree skirt and we still use it every year.
  • Claire:  melt in the mouth fudge, instant heaven.

I love the towels my mama has made.  Sometimes, it's bath towels, or hand towels, or kitchen towels.  She sews a band of pretty decorative fabric across one edge of a purchased towel, customizing them for the recipient's home.  Fancy or complicated?  Not at all.  And, even tho mine are showing quite a bit of wear and tear now (they are belovedly used), they make me smile and think of her every time.

  1. my Mom crocheted afghans for me and our 4 daughters. We all treasure these items and we don’t share them with anyone else. We all say, “that is MINE, put it back”I would not even give in to the grandkids begging. My Mom has passed on but her spirit remains within the afghan…

  2. My sister made me a purse/bag out of an old dictionary and it’s the perfect Ipad tote. It’s my fave gift ever and I think it cost like $1.

    Our fam stopped doing Christmas gifts when the economy tanked and now you can only give a gift if it’s handmade or if it’s regifted from your house. We get the coolest gifts now – we should have done it long ago!

  3. My father in law made me a lightbox for Christmas one year. I use it for calligraphy and for viewing slides (back in the day when people took slides.)I was amazed at his craftmanship, and the thought and time that went into making it.

  4. I’ve gotten tons of gorgeous outfits from my mom for my boys. I also got a cute anniversary card from my hubby made from leftovers on my desk. So sweet!

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