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I could have. But, it looked so awesome just like this, that it felt right to leave it be. I love the look, particularly on this kraft card stock!


Brought in the color with the little strip of fabric, and some Washi tape and BAM!  DONE!

At first, I was kinda peeved that the button I fished outta' the bag only had 3 holes.  *curses* And then I realized when I threaded it, because, of course, I do not believe in ever letting one's buttons run nekked, it looked like I'd stitched a little heart in the center.  And, I was peeved no more. Carry On *chortle*

I'm totally diggin' this "neutral with just a snippet of color" look.  I could do more of this.  Yes.  I could.

BTW, someone asked how I secured the fabric to the card front.  There are a number of ways you could do this, including staples (yeah, not everyone's a fan of staples, but depending on how it's done, it can look cool.) running it through a Xyron machine with an adhesive cartridge, fusing it on (ironing? egaaaadzzz, too much work for me!), or just a dry adhesive runner.  I used a dry adhesive runner (Tombow Permanent Monoadhesive, to be precise) because it was within reach . . . Seriously, if I hafta get up off my stool to do it . . . I prolly ain't a'gonna do it. LOL!



Credits: "Thanks" image by A Muse Artstamps; Dogwood image by Hero Arts; Oatmeal Card Stock by AstroConverters; Patterned paper from Basics Manila Collection by Basic Grey; Chocolate Fresh Ink by Impress Rubber Stamps;  Paper Flower by Prima Marketing; Chocolate Twine (craft store supply); Ivory Hemp by May Arts; Button by Foofala; Fabric by Moda; Washi Tape in muted blue patterns from cutetape.com; Tiny Attacher by (Tim Holtz for) Advantus; Decorative pinking scissors (source unknown)

  1. oh my, i do love this. i do, i do.
    and i am WITH you about nekked buttons!! should never happen… ;)

  2. That is incredibly gorgeous. WOW!

  3. I like this too just as it is!!!

  4. Love the card, Julie!! :-)

  5. You are too flippin funny and hit a lot of nails on the head. Love your work and thanks for always sharing your talent. MA who suffers from Butt Burn

  6. Love this card. The little heart is wonderful and the colors and the noncolors look so good together.

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