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I spent all of Sunday mucking out my studio and sorting thru lots of paper crafty stuff I just don't have time to use nor space to keep any longer.

There are TUBS of stamps, supplies & tools, embellishments. We're talking 18 gallon size tubs, not 2 lb. butter tubs, people.  And . . . I'm not finished by half yet.

Gonna be a hum-dinger of a crafty yard sale this weekend!

Shoot me an email if you'd like to stop by.  Ya' just never know what crafty bargains can be had. *grin*



  1. Hey, Lovie!!! *hug* Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad you found lots of treasures to cart home with you! ;)

  2. Ladies…Julie was not joking when she said she has tubs over tubs and should I say boxes over boxes of craft items…especially stamps….I was one of her first customers who attended her scrapbooking/craft sale today and I got a lot of stuff…I told her and her daughter that if I had known there was going to be that much merchandise I would have brought more money. Let’s put it this way as my girlfriend who went with me said “My Gosh, we just hit the MOTHER LOAD!” I had so much fun going through what I did, but after awhile I got tired and broke that I had to stop. Julie…thank you so much, your loss is my gain…haha.

  3. post pics online for us who are too far away…

  4. Ohhhhhh, you’re totally inspiring me to do the same. LONG overdue here. Hugs and thanks!

  5. Oh, don’t tease me! I just get sick when I hear you girls talk about your yard sales and I’m so far away! I LOVE going to yard sales, but have never been lucky enough to find one yet with tons of stamps! Wish I could be there!

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