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OK, peeps. I told myself (for the last year+ . . . criminy, mebbe it's been 2???. . . Oy!) that I could get one of these only under the condition that I thoroughly cleaned out my studio (a.k.a. craft closet) and could set aside dedicated counter space for it.  (Convenience is key for a girl like me)

Well . . . I DID IT!!!     


I hate buying a new tool, only to find out, after the fact, that there are some super handy accessory add-ons that were necessary (or *uber* cool, of course), so I could have gotten everything at the same time, and have a hay-day right out the gate with it. I'm on a Mac.

Is there anything in particular I should know before I go shopping?



  1. definitely get an extra blade and an extra mat (or two!)
    just in case one goes kaplut during midnight crafting!

    The new Silhouette Studio will work with a Mac right out of the box. No need to work with Illustrator.

  2. To my knowledge, it will not. I know the Cricut has developed a blade that will cut thru thicker materials, and the not yet released Making Memories Slice Elite supposedly will be able to cut thru lightweight chipboard, etc. (altho it has a size limitation of 4″ max, and you’re confined to using the designs on their cartridges).

    I’d guess that if you’re looking for something to reliably AND regularly cut thru materials heavier than 80 lb. card stock, you’re best bet is to go with a manual crank machine, like the Big Shot, or Big Shot Pro.

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