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remember these? I got 'em last week on a trip to the A Muse shop.

A gazillion ideas were ping-pongin' around in my head when I got them home, but confound it all, I haven't had much time at all to actually execute any of 'em.

BUT, I did get ONE idea done.  Brace ya' self . . .



Well? Whaddya' think? I was pretty much bouncin' off m' chair when I finished it!  Oh, I love it, I do indeed! *arms wrapped 'round self*



With the built-in slot, you could slip these fun flakes over a button on your coat or a sweater and *snap*! You're done!

Alas, all my sweaters and coats have buttons running right down the middle. Truth be told, I looked kinda dorky when I tried to slip it over one of my jacket buttons.  I was not daunted by this, however, being the brilliant crafty gal that I am. *snarf*  I decided to cut a little felt circle and whip stitch it onto one side, which would become the back.  Then I punched a 1 1/2" circle from some patterned paper, and covered it with one of our A Muse Clear Circle Stickers (they are a perfect 1 1/2").  To sew it to the front side of the flake, I punched two holes thru it with my Crop-a-dile.  I "dressed" my red button (it is a cardinal rule around here to never leave one's buttons nekked, of course) and then stitched both the red button, and my "epoxy" button together to the snowflake.

Sewed a pin finding on the back and voil√°!  In 10 minutes I had the CUTEST felt snowflake pin EVER in the history of the world!!!

*monkey clapping*

As Christmas draws near, some of you may remember that I made a life-changing decision last year at this time . . .

It's hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we brought our puppy home . . . !!!


I doubt Bear remembers his first Christmas tree . . .


But, he was pretty happy to help the Mr. with this year's . . . LOL!


  1. Bear is SOOOO pretty…Handsome…gorgeous! Have a great time with him over the holidays!

  2. What a darling pin! And thanks for sharing the pictures of Bear. . .it’s so nice to see how well he has wrapped himself around the hearts of you and your family members! No surprise there.

    Merry Christmas, Julie! And thanks again for all of the inspiration and fun that makes up your delightful blog posts!

  3. Adorable snowflake!!!! thanks for sharing with us! Wow, Bear has grown in a year – still a cutie!

  4. Ohhhh…I love that snowflake! I can think of lots of things to do with those great snowflakes! Adorable dog!

  5. Love your pin! Doggies change our lives! Bear is such a cutie!

  6. Hey, Christiana! Yes, Bear is a pure-bred American Eskimo. He has quite the spunky personality–still very puppy, which I’m told could last another year or two. LOL! And, yes, they are beautiful dogs. Just wish he didn’t shed so much . . . LOL!

  7. First off, YES, that is the cutest biggish-little snowflake pin in the whole entire world! Very, very clever! And adorable. Wear it with pride!

    Second, is your dog an American Eskimo? We raised them when I was growing up, and your Bear looks just like my Kasha did. Gosh, I loved that dog with all my heart and soul. We had a bunch, but she was my first and favorite. Such lovely dogs, aren’t they?

  8. Adorable pin and cutest furbaby ever!

  9. Very cute and clever pin. Can’t wait to see what you do with them next. You bigger puppy makes me think of our “Snowy” who has gone to doggy heaven. He was a good and loyal friend for many years.

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