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Oy!  It's been faaaaar too busy around here! Had to sit down and make sumpin' before I went off the deep end.  Cuz it's not pretty when I go . . . LOL!

I noticed on the Moxie Fab blog there is a challenge for the color grey.  "Innovative" use of the color grey, to be precise.

I dunno if this qualifies, but I'm playing along anyway. *wink*

The stamping is pretty simplistic–a beautiful rose spray image I've had for some time and just love, stamped in a gorgeous muted green, and paired with a band of faux suede, made from dyed grey card stock.

I know, I know.  It's an old, old, older than the hills trick technique.  But, hopefully it looks fresh, with silver metallic cord, that gorgeous hue of green, and some clear bling for a little extra plush. *grin* 

If you've never made faux suede before, it's very easy.  Cut a strip or piece of dyed card stock to the desired size and give it the "ribbon curling treatment" with a bone folder:

You know–when you run a piece of curling ribbon between your thumb and your scissors and it curls the ribbon?  That's what you're gonna do with that piece of card stock, only instead of scissors, you are using a bone folder.

This busts up the paper fibers in the center core of the card stock and it should started to separate into two layers.  Peel them apart completely, and you'll see inside that the core has become "sueded".  Just apply adhesive to the smooth side, and mount it to your project with the "sueded" side up.

Try it!  You'll like it!


Credits – Stamps: Ornate Rose Branch by Impress Rubber Stamps; "You are Extraordinary" by Anna Griffin for All Night Media/Plaid Enterprises (this is an old set of mine, probably retired, but I love and use it just the same); Ink:  Pear and Slate Fresh Inks by Impress Rubber Stamps; Paper:  White Card Stock, Grey/Cement Card stock (source unknown); Clear Twinkle Stickers by by A Muse Artstamps; Silver Metallic Cord by May Arts

  1. Oh my! I so thought this was ribbon! YOur card is just stunning. Congrats on the Moxie Fab win!!

  2. Congrats on your Moxie selection…winner! This card is so very elegant!

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