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White space; it doesn't have to be white. *wink*  Sometimes referred to as "negative" space, it means the area in between graphics and other elements in a design. I often think of it as "room to breathe".  Not sure why. I'm weird that way, I s'pose.  LOL!

Anyhoo, there's something about white on navy that I just love–it looks so fresh and clean, and reminds me of summer days when it is sunny, but not too hot, and there's a light breeze coming in off the sea.


I could have embossed the Sugar ink with white embossing powder if I wanted ultimate contrast, but I liked it just like this–more gentle, softer . . .



The banner is sponged ever so lightly along the edges with Latté ink, which brings in the natural color of the twine the button is dressed up with (I cannot ever seem to leave my buttons nekked; it bugs me). It softens the edges of the banner; otherwise, the contrast would be very harsh and hard. Which isn't a bad thing–I just wasn't going for that in this design.

Brought in a little bit of Winter Sky with that narrow paper strip.  Totally my imagination, but that little hint of pale blue always seems to make Navy appear "richer" and more vibrant. 

Or, am I outta' my gourd? LOL!


All supplies & materials by/from A Muse Studio unless otherwise noted:  Stamp images (Queen Anne's Lace, Thanks so much) from the Starter Kit; Navy, Winter Sky, Sugar Card Stocks; Sugar, Navy, Latté Pigment Inks; Navy Button; Vanilla Twine; WR Memory Keepers Corner Chomper (Rounder, 1/2")


  1. Love this so much Julie! I have a think for navy — just got a pair of navy capri’s yay!

    AND, I totally agree with ya on nekked buttons! HA! :)

  2. GORJUSSS!!!!!

  3. Fabulous color combo. Love it.

  4. A little piece of perfection! Jo x

  5. You’re card is just so simple and beautiful. I love navy blue. Reminds me of my Mom. She always dressed me in navy and my sister in brown. You’d think I would hate it since I wore it so much but it is a nice reminder of my mom who I miss so much.

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