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I haven't shared any pics here of Bear lately–I know some of you have seen them on Facebook, but not everybody is on Facebook, so I thought I'd share these photos I took last weekend of Bear playing in the yard while my son Taylor and the Mr. played basketball in the driveway.


Just for a split second, he stopped running and jumping around to watch the boys jostling with each other for the basketball.


Bear loves balls.  He chews on them until he's torn a piece he can grab with his teeth and run with it.  It is HILARIOUS to watch him race across the yard, back & forth, with this ball, as if someone were chasing him and going to take it.  Then he'll stop for a minute and just shake his head back and forth, with the ball still in his mouth.

He'll drop it, pounce on it like a cat, bat it around, and then he starts the whole racing back & forth across the yard with it again.


I was actually pleased to get this shot; normally he's just a white blur, LOL!


Taylor collapsed on the grass when they finished playing and any time T is down low, Bear just has to jump on top of him . . .


And shower him with love…

  1. oh my goodness! Bear looks just like my “lord” Sebastian. He was our first baby and was with us 13 years. He was seriously the BEST dog ever. Give Bear a tight hug for me. Although it’s been over 10 years since he passed, I really miss my boy.

  2. thank you for sharing your pictures of Bear and Taylor. I love animals and read your comments and I know the play. I’ve had dogs always and they all seem to do similar things.
    I remember when we brought our small pug home at 6 weeks and after a day or two we noticed that when we gave him a little bisquit he would run out side or in the house and test out hiding places. He’s put it under a pillow or he would hide it in a bush..and then would go and check on it 5 minutes later.. We would watch him and laugh at how afraid he was that someone would steal his dog bisquit. He changed it so many times I couldn’t remember if it was still there or if he had moved it again. In the end I know he loved his cookies.


  3. Wow what a stunning dog, he is adorable!

  4. CUTENESS!!!! How you could you NOT love that big ball of fur?? :)


  5. I love love love Bear photos!!!! *BIG SMILE*

  6. oh he is so lovely. i’m glad hubs isn’t awake right now, or he’d be all over wanting a floofy white dog JUST LIKE Bear.

  7. Bear is so handsome! And seems to have a lovely personality, too! I had a samoyed when I was in my twenties and thirties – she was so cat-like! Her name was Lizzie. I loved her so dearly! I’m glad you shared, it brought back some wonderful memories.

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