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The Mr. yelled at me to come quick and take a look at our birdhouse . . .






They have BABIES in there!!!

I have no idea what kind of birds they are, but their back feathers are so colorful!

And . . . this is why m' dang dog barks when he's out there . . .



  1. they are swallows! gorgeous photos. You saved them a ton of time & labor! they usually make mud pack nests in corners of eves… This family is living luxuriously! ;~)

  2. These are beautiful pictures!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday (day before?). It totally made my day (whatever day it was!). I’m trying not to geek out about Julie HRR commenting on my blog (can you hear my voice getting progressively shriller?), and realize you’re just an ordinary person, a mom, a wife, a pure stamping genius, international rubber celebrity not to mention royalty. Ok, so I do realize I’m not succeeding terribly well at not geeking out so I’ll close and say thanks for making my day. And thanks for the great blog and stamping inspiration :-)

  4. Amazing pictures! Jo x

  5. Well I’m like everyone else, I had to get out my North America bird book and look them up. LOL What beautiful birds, and the swallows are so elegant looking. Your photos captured them perfectly. =D

  6. They’re soooo cute! Lucky you!! :) I’ve been wanting to install a bird house at my place but never got around it. Looking at your pictures I wish I had :)

  7. Love these photos! I had bluebirds this year – what fun. I agree it is a violet-blue swallow – similar to a tree swallow but it has the white cheek extending above the eye, acc to my audubon book. I hope you can catch a peep of the babes.

  8. Great shots of your pretty bird-love the coloring of his feathers!

  9. We have a bird similar to us, that has made a nest in a decorative birdhouse (not really meant to be used). The top decorative piece got knocked off, so now the father sits on top and looks down thru the “sun roof” at the mother and babies.

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