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Just yesterday, he was a baby, and now look!  Taller than his dad!  Tonight Taylor graduated from middle school; here comes high school, driver's ed, proms, high school basketball. No . . . Don't blink . . .


 I've always been thankful that he and his sister get along so well, even tho they're 7 years apart . . .

One of Taylor's teachers, Mr. Smith, gave an awesome speech.  He wanted to have their picture taken together, but insisted he had to be up on a chair next to Taylor, LOL!

Julia and Taylor have gone to school together since kindergarten . . . I can't help but smile when I remember them riding their bikes around the neighborhood, so little they were then.  Grown up so much now . . .

Kinda makes me weepy.

I wish I'd taken better pictures . . . I have yet to figure out how to adjust my camera settings to get great shots of people in horrible lighting situations.  I know there's a secret . . . it just eludes me . . .

Here's the card I made for him:


All supplies & materials by/from A Muse Studio
(minus the striped paper clip, which came from an office supply store)

The inside reads, "Here's to 4 more years! Hah!"

I'll take 'em; the first 15 flew by all too quickly . . .

  1. How did he get so big … and handsome?!! Congrats to him and YOU, Mom, ’cause I know he must be a great kid!

  2. Julie, Congrats on raising your son through the end of junior high! The next four years certainly will fly by, but I’m certain they will be filled with amazing times. It has been forever since I have blog-hopped through the craft blogs, and you were one that I had linked to a few years back. Your cards are still amazing, and I’m sure that many years down the road, your son will treasure this special one you made for him!

  3. Congratulations to Taylor!! (Such a handsome young man!) I LOVE all of the photos, and your card is perfect!!

  4. Congratulations to all of you!! This is awesome. High school is an exciting and scary time all in one but he will do great!! Love the card. Now I think I “need” that stamp set. LOL

  5. What sweet memories and pictures you have captured! Congrats to your DS and you too! Love your card and all the cute details!

  6. Congratulations! Time does seem to fly by. Julie, you children are gorgeous and the pics are fabulous. You created a great card. My very best wishes to Taylor… Enjoy your years in hight school!

  7. Great pictures! Congrats to you son! He is a good-looking kid!

  8. What a handsome young man and proud mama!!! The time really flies; my only will be a HS senior in the fall. Also, what a great card! Love it.

  9. Congratulations!!! Very handsome young man… be ready for all the girls that will be after his heart in HS! :)

  10. What a handsome boy and beautiful family. My oldest graduated from 8th this year, too – her first day of kinder picture has sat on my desk all these years and I can’t believe how that time has flown. I am barely keeping my 3/8 in of height over her – probably will be gone by the end of summer. Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous photos!

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