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This photo is of one of the arched doorways on Duke University’s campus!

The Mr. is a tremendous fan of the Duke Blue Devils and Coach K. We are currently on a once in a lifetime trip to North Carolina, for our son to attend the Coach K basketball camp.

The architecture is beautiful–wish I had the camera skills to do it justice! I have been taking the camera to campus every day, practicing. I’ve shared more on Facebook because it’s easier when one is on the go, but I’ll share more here when we get back. We’ve never been to this part of the US before and it’s been fun! And HOT!!! Something we rarely experience on Whidbey Island. *chuckle*

Long time no stamp!

  1. Oh, man. That makes me homesick. I graduated from Duke in Dec 1987. LOVE that school.

    So glad you’re having a good trip, Julie! And honey, you ain’t felt summer until you felt it in the South. Goin’ outside’s like walking into a wall of melted buttah. Best to move from one air conditioned building to the next as fast as you can swim through the air.

  2. Suzanne, I really am glad I brought the Nikon! I've gotten a few lovely shots! Nothing pro level, but I've improved from where I started. :)

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