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I have to admit when we were planning in the spring to take our son to Duke for basketball camp this summer, we debated long and hard on when we’d have an opportunity to travel back out this way again…

We decided that sometimes, you just have to take advantage of certain moments and not brush it off with “some day” because if you don’t, “some day” often becomes “had the chance, but never did…”


The 2nd leg...

  1. So glad you did this Julie!

  2. you will never forget the fact that you made it happen. We people west of the Rockies seem to forget there is another part of the USA. Glad you took the opportunity. We did this a few years back and I loved it.

  3. Immediate flashback to that exact spot with my 3 year old on Wes’s shoulders clapping her hands and screeching NO WHITE! NO-WHITE! NO-WHITE! One of my favorite memories ever. Glad you made it happen, Julie!

  4. SO glad you made it back and are a having a good time, despite the H.E.A.T. we’re having on the east Coast. That is a STUNNING photo, very ethereal. Your practice with the camera is really paying off.

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