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Love felt. L.O.V.E.

I am so excited about the rainbow of awesome felt colors just released in the 2011 Holiday Catalog & Inspiration Guide. (look for the cover photo, featuring the Santa Suit, to slide by and click on that red dot) Giddy.  Swooning.  Petting.

I had been DYING to make some felt flowers–brooches, to be exact!  This one reminds me of a chrysanthemum with the fringe and all! *monkey clapping*

ETA:  I *just* realized there's a felt challenge over at the Moxie Fab, too!!!  Ooooh, plush!!!  Gotta ogle the felties! Yip Yip!!!

School starts right after Labor Day and that's gonna be upon me faster than I can say Bob's Yer Uncle! I still gotta take that freshman kid o' mine school shopping!!! EEK!!!  I am so ready for the week-end! How 'bout ya'all?! Summer came late to Whidbey–I gotta get out and get some o' dat sunshine cuz seriously? My legs are so blinding white, you peeps would need shades!!!

Anyhoo–I did a video tutorial on these fun felt flowers, which you can view here, or right on YouTube!






I also wanted to say thanks for the anniversary wishes!  We'd planned to go out for a nice dinner here at one of all-time favorite local restaurants (their mussels are out of this world!), but my MIL ended up needing to go to the hospital so we'll hafta reschedule.  She's fine now–having trouble with acid reflux attacks; this was the third trip to the ER in less than 2 months.  We're hoping a specialist will be able to get to the bottom of it–the attacks are so exhausting. :(

  1. If I ever make my mom lunch I’m going to put this flower on the paper bag for a pretty finishing touch.

  2. I know I already replied to this thread but I wanted to update you that I followed your tutorial and made this – I hope I did your inspiration proud!


  3. It is indeed wonderful to read your article. I appreciate your style.

  4. Amazing thank you so mr sharing! Wow!

  5. YAY!!! So glad! Yessum–I love EASY! ;)

  6. OH my GOSH, I tried this today, Julie…there was jumping up and down and clapping involved! Just made the flower part, haven’t tried the “add pin” yet! Thanks so much for sharing the video…you made it look easy, and it WAS! Hooray!

  7. Get out of town!!!!!!

  8. Hi, Shannon~you are welcome to share a link! Thank you!

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