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Music is such a universal language . . . it's funny how often a card I design is inspired by something I'm LISTENING to, as opposed to looking at. Was bee-boppin' to "My Heart's A Stereo" on Pandora, and all of a sudden, this idea popped into my head when I was looking at Kim's "Boob Tubes" stamp set.  Call me nerdy, but hey, when sumpin' sparks ya', well . . . sometimes, ya' just gotta run with it. *chuckle*

I used a slightly different punch than listed below, but I listed that one because it can produce similarly sized tiny hearts.

One thing I wanted to point out that I forgot to mention in the video, is that you can avoid smudging of chalk pencil work from fingertips, etc., by sealing it with a fixative, such as Krylon Matte Finish.

 Enjoy the video here, or on YouTube! And, thanks for watchin'!





Supplies & Materials:

  1. ooops, my daughter has been using my computer and I see her name came up in the comments link instead of mine! That’ll teach me for not checking properly!

  2. Very sweet – love the speech bubble!

  3. Love the card and your gorgeously produced video, Miss Julie! You seem to be having lots of fun these days. Glad to see it!

  4. You are rockin’ the PS stamps lately! Love it! :)

  5. Sooooooo cute <3

  6. This is so cute!! Love the chalk pencil technique!

  7. Super cute! :) Love the buttons threaded with cardstock!

  8. This is adorable Julie!

  9. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love this sweet card, Julie!

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