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I know.  I should prolly be making Halloween stuff.  But, this idea for a Christmas card came to mind, and there was no squashing it. So.  There ya' have it. *wink*

Plain white cards like this are my favorite . . . I just love the look!

Made a video, too, with just a little trick or two. Enjoy it here or on YouTube!




Supplies & Materials:


  1. Oh my holy love. Deep, deep love.

  2. this is great. love that little bell!

  3. love it! clean, classy and simple! well done!

  4. Stunning! I’m just loving everything you’re making lately! Great video, too!

  5. Your video tutorials are helpful and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Clean and simple perfection! :-)

  7. perfection

  8. Love – absolutely perfect.

  9. Super cute Julie!

  10. I love your little jingle ball!

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