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I adore Letterpress, how 'bout you? I did a video tutorial on a technique over in the CLASSroom that I think you'll love–it's a great way to get the look, and well, you just might flip over how easy it is, too!  Lots of monkey clappin' goin' on . . .




  1. Thanks for the video tutorial. This is the best thing I have ever seen. You are just well-done!!!

  2. This is really neat Julie. You had me giggling through the entire video. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the laugh :)

  3. oh my!…love the look and love how you achieved it! Now to decide if this is a want or a need!

  4. OH EM GEEEEE! This is the coolest thing ever! You gals are geniuses!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial. Love your giggles too. Have a fab day!

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