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Yes. I have rubbah lust. Have you seen the new release yet? Check it: New 2012 Hero Arts Catalog Preview

Can't seem to take my eyes off these, in particular:

  • Starbursts – So modern. So fun!  LOVE.
  • Cling Dot Flower Pattern – Kinda lacy, but with a clean contempo look to it. Git in my basket!
  • Cling Large Flower Background – Femme, delicate. Peonies? I'm a sucker for gorgeous florals.
  • This is BIG – Got to use this in the Hero Arts blog hop yesterday. So many uses for this and can I get a "Woo HOO"?!!!  Itching to make another card with this thing–so fun!
  • Past Times – Perfect for guy cards. I really need more guy stuff.
  • Ampersand – Ginormous. Perfect. In every way. Has an ever so slight "nod", but nice–tasteful! Nothing like some ampersands that look like they have a hang-over from paintin' the town. GOTTA HAVE.
  • Patterned Heart – Again, *swoonage*. 'Nuff said.
  • Newspaper Skyline – I love a good skyline. I love text. Mash the two together. Yeah, baby!!! DAT'S WHAT I'M TAKIN' 'BOUT!!!
  • Cling Zig Zag – Hello, classic long-time favorite.  I never abandoned you. So nice to see you back. You look FIERCE!!!

So what's calling out to you? Always fun to know what everybody else gravitates towards! Dish? :)





  1. great list! i love to see what others love.

  2. My favorites are all the new stamps with newsprint

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