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Wanted to see what would happen if I used water-based markers to color my image on kraft card stock, instead of alcohol markers.  Hey, Mikey! I likey!  You can shade and blend, just like you would with alcohol markers, but just keep in mind if you over-work the paper, it'll probably start to pill and deteriorate, because they are water-based. So, just don't over-do. ;)

After coloring the images with water-based markers, you can simply take a tissue and easily blot off any residue left on the embossing lines because the embossing will resist water-based mediums.  If you'd colored over the embossing with alcohol markers, it would actually tint the white embossing; you'd have a heck of a time buffing it off, so if you use alcohol markers, you need be careful about not coloring over the top of those lines. I love using water-based markers for direct-to-rubber coloring and omitting, as well.

Anyhoo, after I finished it, I wasn't sure I liked what I'd done to the edges with the brown marker. So, I changed it a little. Not sure I like this any better than the original finish, tho. I'm on the fence. I didn't take a pic of it before I trimmed, so I don't have the original to compare to the modified.

Just might have to make another and leave it with the originally intended finish to do a side-by-side comparison, and then decide which I like better. LOL!

Enjoy here or on YouTube. :)



  1. SO GORGEOUS! Love the card edged in brown or white!

  2. Thanks for showing that you can shade with water based markers in a similar way as with the Copics. I am going to practice this and will try it on the Kraft as well. Love your videos.

  3. OK, ummm…THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Just beautiful! Thanks for the video.

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