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Haven't been able to play the Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger in a long time. This inspiration pic is so striking, isn't it? What a pretty party decoration they make!

Those big tissue flowers made me reach for some of my all-time favorite floral stamps, of course . . .


I deepened the color scheme a bit, and you'll see in the video where I switched up the embellishments when the original plan just wasn't hittin' the mark.

Kinda chuckling, 'cuz I prolly shouldn't have shot this design against some POW paper–glitter is so hard to shoot. The bands of silver glitter across the bottom appear iridescent due to the angle of the light, and the way it's bouncing off, but it's really just silver. I really would have preferred the micro-fine silver for this because it has such a velvety texture, but all I had on hand was ultra-fine. Guess I need to go shopping. *chuckle*

Enjoy here or on Youtube!




  1. Fabulous Julie! Congratulations on the TT win!

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