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Whenever I want red to seem light and airy, I always want to pair it with a pale blue. FULL DISCLOSURE: This is the Julie Ebersole method of color selection. I don't know how to use a color wheel. 

Shocking, I know. Is it bad to say I don't really wanna learn how to use a color wheel, anyway? That I probably saw the combo somewhere and I just LIKED it? And, that's how I roll?

'Cuz that IS how I roll.

And, I'm OK with it. *grin*

I've had my eye on this Technique Tuesday set by Ali Edwards for a long time, and it finally had to come home to live with me. I really love it and anxious to make a few more card with it.

Had to add some Glossy Accents to the heart, just for a little "oomph". Then, I sat back–OK, what I mean is I sat on my hands. Because it's always tempting to add one more thing. Yes, I likey. Just the way it is. *head bobbing up and down vigorously*

I'm headed out to CHA with Ellen! We're looking forward to sharing the things from the show that make us swoon over in the CLASSroom, so I hope you'll pop over there throughout the week to see what's givin' us heart palpitations. WOO HOO!!!

Happy Thursday to ya'!




  1. That red is so airy it’s positively ready to float off of your card! PS…What is this color wheel thing that all the kids have been talking about these days? Giggle….

  2. Love this beautiful CAS card. Full disclosure: I don’t think I even know what a colour wheel is.

  3. I love red & blue too!

  4. Thanks. I prefer to match colors than use a color wheel. Love haw you list products.
    have fun at show and only wish i was at it.

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