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Click HERE for the scoop: Faux Letterpress, Chapter 2 by Julie Ebersole – the CLASSroom

Back when I first discovered Letterpress, there really wasn't a means for the average paper crafter to create something similar. Unfamiliar with Letterpress? You've probably seen it but may not have known that's what it is. Here's a brief description of this goodly paper stuff: Hearts & Anchors: History of Letterpress

One of the key ingredients to duplicating the look and feel, is using the right paper. Some folks might say paper is paper is paper. But, when you hold something like this in your hand, and feel the amazing texture of the debossing, you know it is anything but average. :)

  1. i love the letterpress effect!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. beautiful, elegant. classic. perfect,, great technique.

  3. This is stunning! I love letterpress!

  4. Julie this is beautiful! I drool over much I see letterpress-wise but never have made the time to try it. Maybe I need to get some of that new paper to motivate me!

  5. Maybe I am a letterpress maniac. The clean lines are awesome.

  6. It’s fun stuff, isn’t it?!

  7. Beautiful, Julie—a clean and simple card. So simple, yet so elegant!

  8. wow! this is gorgeous! i got some letterpress paper on clearance at hobby lobby a while back and have been experimenting with some techniques…but none are coming out as great as yours. will have to try some of your tricks out. :)

  9. So pretty Miss Julie! :)

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