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Got back last week after accompanying dear friend and colleague Ellen to CHA 2012 (Craft & Hobby Association's Annual Trade Show).

CHA 2012 - 019
In some years past, CHA has had a massive crush of attendees and exhibitors, but this year was more calm, and rather pleasant, actually!

Unfortunately, wifi was horrid inside the show, and it took forever to get pictures from my phone uploaded–I was trying to share on the fly, and it was kinda frustrating to be so eager to share something, and then not being able to get the pictures up in a timely fashion. Video wouldn't load up at all onto YouTube–we were only able to get one up after repeated attempts–even from the PAID wifi we had at the hotel–so we finally gave up on that and focused more on photos. The lighting was also pretty bad in most places but I was surprised how well the iPhone 4 camera did taking still shots when there was some decent light! It would have been a pain trying to haul a digital SLR throughout the show, given the pace we were moving at . . . I imagine those with a 4s probably got some super fabulous shots, and pretty good HD video! *envy*

  • Thought we were really on top of it when we filmed our shenanigans at the Ranger by Design class . . . until we got to the portion Ellen had filmed. Ellen is not a videographer. As you can see, I had to take over. BAH HAHAHAHAHA!!!! We left it as it was, however, because we are total goofballs. If you don't mind watching a couple of goofballs in action, you can watch our little video HERE on YouTube.
  • The next best thing to petting everything luscious at the show, is seeing some photos, so we've put together a photo recap of SOME of the great new products Ellen will be carrying in the store–it's kind of a long post, BUT it gives you a good idea/recap of the diverse range that will be arriving over the coming weeks. You can see that HERE.
  • We also did a Top Ten Favorite Finds video, which you can see HERE.

Side note: Our videos were created with iMovie on the iPad 2–we actually taught ourselves on the plane before arriving, LOL!!! Anyhoo, we had a ton of fun learning something new, given our lack of technical expertise. Hah!

We had a great time and it was fun to hug so many industry friends, meeting some for the first time ever IRL! Made some new friends, as well!

I will end today's post with shot of this CUTE li'l guy who rode past us at the end of the show one night–his mama is training him early! ;)

CHA 2012 - 308
He was happy as a clam in his crafty "limo"!  *chuckle*

I guess I best quit blathering, and get busy makin' things with the cool stuffs that made me bounce off my chair.  Cannot wait to share with ya'all!

Have a fabby weekend!

  1. Love it all. The boy in his crafty limo is so cute!

  2. AH, Julie – these videos are great! It feels like I was there (almost)! Especially love your top ten – plan to keep my eye out for several of those goodies! I can’t have inky fingies, so no major distressing for me. Ick! Thanks for sharing – love it all.

  3. Thanks for all the updates! Can’t wait to hear more when you get down here.

  4. You obviously had a great time. The videos and post are great. Who says you’re noe technically savvy. Think the little guy in the suitcase will grow up to be another CraftFanatic?

  5. looks like you had such a great time…but i’m with you on the inky fingers…not. a. fan.

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