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SendingYouLove1je True story: Julie don't sew.

My mama's got mad skillz with a sewing machine, but alas, I did not inherit her talents. I'm more likely to hem my slacks with Sookwang tape than drag out the machine.

So, I often cheat. Quite BRILLIANTLY, I might add. *arms wrapped 'round self, bouncing & chortling*

How I done 'dat? Oh, just watch the video. Here. Or on YouTube.

*cheeky grin*

I used a Fiskars Squeeze Punch I have had for the longest time to punch a handful of hearts from different papers in the Picadilly 6×6" Pad–such happy, happy paper! You could use the larger Collection Pack, of course, too.

Have a wondermous Wednsday!




  1. Super cute card and I have the same sewing skills as you!

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