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Did a video for Ellen Hutson that you can view over in the CLASSroom: HERE.

And, posted some eye candy to go with. *wink*

Happy Mundane!



  1. I’m loving that inlayed die cut technique! I can’t wait to try it.

  2. What a neat video. I love the reminder to use my tweezers, too. I have a big xyron and was wondering how the little x one worked-now I know I gotta get one of those! Thanks for a great video and love the cards, BTW.

  3. WOW – I love these techniques! I have found these delicate dies difficult and this gives me hope that I can actually glue them down and not tear them! Thanks so much Julie!!!

  4. Stunning cards so very gorgeous..Love the dies too!
    Such a great video loved it thank you so much Julie for sharing..super ideas!

  5. Thanks so much Julie for this awesome tutorial on adhesives.
    I have been driving myself crazy trying to come up with solutions
    for just these kind of diecuts.
    Your videos always have the down-home, friendly touch that makes us
    feel like we are really in your classroom.
    Bravo girl, great job!!
    Hugs & Smiles

  6. Such a great video! AGAIN. You are so awesome. I’m not much of a gusher but yu always have me spouting oil.

  7. Thanks, Stephanie! :) My mat is a Dahle brand, 18 x 12″. HTH!

  8. Great tutorial! I learned so much! I was wondering what kind of mat do you use? I love the size and marked measurements on it. Thx!

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