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Many of you have asked about the tweezers I use when making my cards. Many. of. you.

Well, I'm happy to report that my best girl Ellen has found 'em!  And she's GOT 'EM IN STOCK!!!


  1. Oh, Mary!!! I’m sorry! She’s got more on order and will have ‘em back up ASAP!

  2. and now they’re… gone. Got the word late, raced over to Ellen’s, saw the Out of Stock sign. Added to my wish list. Sigh.

  3. cool!! Julie – was just thinking the other day about your tweezers and that they seemed quite strong. I have the tweezer bees which are pretty good. BTW how did you learn to be so dextrous with those beauties. I cannot take tape off foam dots with tweezers to save myself!! thanks for your lovely work , C

  4. THANKS for sharing!! YEAH for Ellen!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  5. they look so handy…if I see you use them.

  6. running……(thank you, Ellen!)

  7. got two pair(why is one a pair??!) – one for my DIL and one for me..thanks!

  8. Excellent!

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