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Been crazy busy designing for upcoming classes, but realized I had forgotten to share this 5MQ with this funky little bird by Savvy Stamps–it was inspired by some dessert/appetizer type plates I'd seen in a mail order catalog–and thank goodness I tossed the catalog, or I'd have been ordering a gob of dishware I really don't need, despite how gosh golly cute it is! LOL! Before I knew anything about stamping, I collected dishware. Even tho I hate to cook, I just love pretty vintage plates and teacups and whatnot… They're just so charming… But I digress.

Back to the quickie! *wink*

Anyway, the birds on the dishware had just a portion of them colored in with happy, bright colors so that's what I did to this li'l guy!

It hit me that I didn't have a single stamp that said, "Hi!" I know, right?! What's up with that?!

Initially, I tried my Dymo Label Maker, but it really didn't look right–ended up looking too "boxy" for the layout. So, I decided to use THESE.  POIFECT!!! These come in black & cream on one sheet and have a fun canvas-like texture. Has upper & lower case plus numbers! Anyhoo, I haven't tried it yet, but I think I could color the cream ones with my Copics, if I ever needed a specific color. Cool. *grin*

Hand-drew the speech bubble with a Copic Multi-Liner.

And, Bob's yer Uncle!

P.S.  This is a "4 bar note card"; it measures 3.5 x 5" when folded.




  1. I’ve always wanted that bird, and now that I’ve actually seen the little guy on a card… and a card as cute as this? Honestly, Julie Ebersole, you are my main enabler. :)

  2. So graphic and “tweet” – love it, Julie!

  3. Eeek! Cute!

  4. This is completely and utterly fabulous!

  5. AND!!! I used my label maker on 2 cards yesterday — we are totally on the same wavelength!!! ha ha ha!!

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