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I know how to knit. None of that fancy stuff, like popcorn stitching and fair isle patterns and whatnot… But, just enough to make scarves. Very looooong scarves. Out of one color of yarn. Knit

This stamp by Karen Lockhart is just so cute! And, dork that I am, puns always crack me; I could not resist the golden opportunity presented here to assert my dorkiness.

Also used a new die–the Small Inset Window! Niiiiiice!!! I used to make these windows, with finished inside edges, all by hand and while it's not hard, it is kinda tedious–so it's keen to have a die that can do all the scoring and the cutting all in one fell swoop! Very keen indeed!

Enjoy the video here or in HD on YouTube:



  1. Thanks for having the video. I’m late in getting here but was referred by Kittie Caracciolo re: using the inset die. Love your card too. Thanks again.

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