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The Maid of Honor at my daughter's wedding just had a sweet baby boy last week! She adores monkies and the baby's nursery is decorated in a jungle theme! But, I didn't have any monkey stamps to make a card for welcoming baby Camden, so I had to go a different route.

I thought about doing this in pastels, but I just wasn't feelin' it…  I'm always so drawn to such bold, bright and high-constrasting colors that it's hard for me to create anything with pastel colors and then actually like it when I'm finished. And, if I don't like what I make, I cannot give it. Nope. Cannot.

I was torn between coloring the wagon vs. just highlighting it… I don't mind coloring, if it won't take too long. Of course, *snort*, everybody's definition of "too long" is gonna vary; my definition of "too long" is 5+ minutes. I'm not a very patient individual, I'm afraid… (Gee, really, Jules?! Never knew that 'bout you… *insert rolling eyeballs here*)

Had ribbon issues with this design; see how it got resolved? Niiiiiice!!! Now it will still fit in an A-2 envelope! *pats self on back*

Have a happy Mundane!

Watch in HD on YouTube HERE.




  1. Wonderful card, Julie. I love how you just added some shading to the wagon and stamped it in red.

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