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I have a video airing over on the Hero Arts Blog, with a little change of pace from my current holiday frenzy, LOL! You can watch it right HERE.

Meantime, I am hustling & bustling my way to Christmas, mach 3 with m'hair on fire… some day I will have all my shopping and packages wrapped by Halloween…



Who am I kidding?! My name is liar!



  1. This is totally adorable!!

  2. Saw the post at HA and loved it. How about I call 911 so a big burly fireman can put your hair out.

  3. *Giggle* I just finished wrapping all my gifts yesterday. Whew – feels so good to be finished. Remember Julie – you still have 6 whole days until Christmas Eve – plenty of time to get it all done, right?! :)

    Loved seeing your card over on the Hero Arts blog today – so pretty! Fab video too – as always!

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