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Lots of ideas come to me when I'm stuffing my face, oddly enough… no clue why… *snort* Anyhoo, that's when this one came to me. The mind is a very curious thing… Go figure!

Musings: I'm fascinated by the feathers trend… not sure if it's cuz I like birds, and puttin' birds on things… not an altogether impossible theory… LOL!



The feather made me think of quill pens, and pretty hand-lettering, and some kind of "heavenly", or angelic aura… And by golly the idea that popped into my head is exactly what you see here.


And… abnormal. Hah! I don't normally work with pastel colors; typically my eye seeks out bold, bright hues… and my hands always reach for the same in the ink pad drawer, LOL!

I was also playing with my Mister Hueys mists… they are unpredictable–which sometimes drives me batty, but I love the look and, well, they're fun. Spray bottles are fun! And… a little messy… Aaaaah, but that's what gloves and full body aprons are for, eh?! *chuckle*

BTW, speaking of gloves… I have a video tutorial over in the CLASSroom, which you can see HERE.

And, Clean & Simple 2 just started today and I love what my co-teachers and our guest designers have shown–if you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late to join the fun!

Hope your Mundane was awesome!




The solid heart image used in the above design is one of my favorites, by Alesa Baker for Impression Obsession

  1. Julie!! It’s been about forever and I was so thrilled to stumble upon your birthday blog hop today! I’ve always loved your creative style and you definitely still got it! Hope you are celebrating today with all the people you love the most and that they spoil you rotten!

    Hugs, Suzanne
    Pennywise Arts (You remember me, right?) Ü

  2. Happy Birthday, Beautiful One. You are a ray of sunshine with a rubber stamp in tow :) May you be blessed beyond measure this year- if you receive back just a spot of the joy that you spread to others, you will overflowing, dear lady…

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE!!! Enjoy your day with your family and friends and lots of nice surprises!! You deserve the best!Hugs xx

  4. Happy birthday Julie. I just celebrated one as well.
    I enjoyed your post. You are funny, I can see why so many folks like you. I will be back as I also love your projects.

  5. Happy, happy birthday to a happy, happy lady!

  6. Happy Birthday Julie! I don’t believe that you’re 50! it just goes to show that age is just a number :)

  7. Warm wishes for s fabulous Birthday! ♥ enjoy it

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