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Can't help it. I just like 'em. When I saw this one by Savvy, he had to come live at my house. *grin*

After testing him with black ink, then brown, neither of which struck me as perfect for this particular design, I tried Memento Espresso Truffle… It's a cross between black and a rich dark brown. And it's totally AWESOME. Gave me 'zacly the look I wanted! 'Nuff said.

It's hard to tell in the pics, but he's stamped on a panel of White Linen, a paper I am really lovin' lately. A LOT.

Instead of coloring him, I flicked tiny droplets of Mister Huey's from the end of the nozzle in a few colors that I've been fond of lately. The trick with the flicking? Tap the end of the nozzle (the tubular thingy) inside the bottle to remove as much mist as you can–you don't want it to be drippy, UKWIM? Then, with your work area protected, of course, hold the nozzle over the area you most want to get some speckles and bitty splatters, and just tap it against your other hand. It helps to start further away than you think you need to be, and then get closer.

You know the rule:  Start with less (in almost every situation I can think of, LOL!), then add more if you need it. Cuz, it's [almost] always easier to add more than to try to remove excess. 



After the droplets were dry, I used a Quickie Glue Pen to go over them lightly and added Prisma Glitter.

I loved him as is but was tempted to add (aren't we always???!!!) a greeting to the front of the design, but I had this feeling the little letter he's delivering said enough.  You know, it could say ANYTHING on the inside–"thank you", "happy birthday", "thinking of you", "sending you love"…

Sometimes, you just gotta trust those little voices inside your head… and those gut instincts… and just sit on your hands. So… I did. 





  1. Brilliant!!

    BTW, Julie, thank you so much for all your work and your tips and tricks on the Clean & Simple Card Making 2 class! I loved ALL of it and will return to it again and again!!

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