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Revisiting some past works has been a lot of fun over on the CASE Study Challenge Blog–hope you've had a chance to play along a bit, as well!

The last project Iwona chose was this single-layer botanical design:


And here's my take on it, the 2nd time around:

HelloHydrangea1_Mar28 (click on the pic to enbiggan)

I don't know much about flowers, except what I like… my family always tells me I have a "black" thumb… TRUE STORY!!! I can't keep REAL plants alive, so I have to resort to the ink & paper kind… BAH HAHAHAHA!!!

Now, if you know me at all, you know I'm insanely crazy about single-layer white cards… Hands down, my favoritest kind of card to make because they always have such a fresh look about them!

Also, I have NO idea if hydrangea blossoms come in reddish tones (will hafta look that up on the interwebs), but I wanted to use that sort of hue on this design, and I absolutely LOVE how the whole color combo worked out! I used Hero Arts Mid-tone and Shadow Inks and they give such a cool finish on the White Linen card stock!  Not sure if it shows up that well in the photo, but the overlapping/layering of the images with these inks creates such an interesting effect–kind of semi-opaque!

Thanks for stopping by each week, and many thanks to the crew at the CASE Study Challenge blog for inviting me to be the March Muse–totally AWESOME!!!





  1. I “enbigganed” the photos and they were even more fabulous!! ;o)

  2. Love both these cards. I thought your pink flowers were pentas – but pink/red hydrangeas do exist! I adore the anchor at the bottom of these – the row of dots, however simple, took my breath away – something I would never have thought of that was an amazing finishing touch. Glad you are safe also.

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!LOVE bothe cards ..SUPER GORGEOUS..love one layer cards and these are Masterpieces!!
    Gorgeous color combo!

  4. Absolutely stunning card! I vote for red hydrangeas (even if there aren’t any). Love the pale blue stripes… perfect.

  5. I love your one-layer cards the most-est!

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