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Hello, Monday 03.11.2013 – the CLASSroom

I don't know what it is about circles, but I love 'em. Always have, always will. I had so much fun with these designs!

BTW, the concept behind the Lifestyle Crafts "punches" dies is one I can appreciate because I have tendinitis in my right arm; any time I need to punch lots multiples of something I have to ask one of my kids to do it so that I don't aggravate this condition–that particular motion makes the tenditis flare up so badly I actually lose the use of my hand and arm. 

But with these dies, I can easily bust them out on my Big Shot!–YAY!!! Cuz ya'all know how much I adore my Big Shot! *mondo grin*

Happy Mundane!


  1. These cards are so darn hot, Julie……I need to look into no more punching, as I have shoulder issues, too. On my way to the classroom. Love that 3-D balloon.

  2. Ok you marketing crazy people! You have been making it WAY TOO EASY to purchase the fun stuff demonstrated on all of the card posts!!!! Those links are killing me! LOL Keep them coming!

  3. These designs are amazing! You always blow me away…

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