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Link:  In Touch: Wood Works by Julie Ebersole

Usually on Monday, I do a video for the CLASSroom, but today I have an article appearing in the monthly newsletter that showcases some of my favoritest wood/woodgrain products and how I like to use them.

If you love the idea of using woodgrain patterns and wood accents on your cards and such, you might enjoy this read!

In light of today's tragic events, which I know we are all reeling and so heartsick over, please take very good care. 


  1. Fabby goodness!

  2. you are awesome, Julie!! love these!

  3. Richard, I take that as a GREAT compliment–you made my week! When I finished the designs, I considered them to be the best masculine cards I’ve ever made to date and it’s so gratifying to know a guy would indeed appreciate this kind of design! DUDE!!! *mondo squishy hugs*

  4. Saw your article. As always…fabulous; thanks for sharing. It was a bright spot in a heartsick day.

  5. Thank you, thank you, for understanding that masculine cards can be BRIGHT and cheerful, and still be masculine!!
    Great article, Julie!

  6. Wonderful article Julie! You’ve peaked my interest to give all things wooden a try. As always, I love your cards and tags – awesome!

  7. Loved the article, Julie! Such fun stuff!

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